Monday, April 22, 2013

Matte is Back: OPI Matte Top Coat Review

While checking out at the cash in my local beauty supply I noticed OPI Matte top coat coat and was intrigued. 

The funny part about my interest with this top coat is normally I am trying to make my nails as shiny and glossy as possible but now I'm interested in making my nails matte the total opposite!
Earlier in the year OPI released a matte top coat that instantly transforms glossy nail-polish to a smooth matte finish and I wanted to give this top coat a whirl to try something new and exciting.
This matte nail polish is suppose to seal the nails without shine and provide protection against chips, and lengthen a manicure as well.
I was doubtful on how this would appear but am happy to report that this looks great and has a velvet edgy look to it that looks unique.
So far I have washed dishes and did a few activities and have noticed that so far my nails are intact after a couple of days and no chipping has appeared. Also have noticed that this top coat dries very fast and seals in your nail polish. 
This polish retails for $9.99 CAD and can be purchased at boutiques, beauty supply stores and online. 

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