Saturday, April 13, 2013

In Extra Dimension: Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Double Definition Review

Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Double Definition
If you have been reading my blog you know I am obsessed with being bronzed, glowy, and radiant at the moment. I want to look like I just walked out of St Tropez and been touched by the gods. A highlighted face just creates a youthful, healthy look on the skin and really just adds a touch of sexiness. Mac has released some new skin finishes in their new collection "In Extra Dimension" this week and I knew I'd have to check them out. 
I sampled the three they have in store: Definitely defined (a silvery pink/ soft rose with shimmer), Shape the future (a pastel pink with iridescence/soft brick with light shimmer), and although gorgeous in the pan on my dark skin looked extremely ashy and chalky! Double definition was the skin finish I felt would look best on me so asked to try some on to see what it would look like.
The makeup artist I asked was a young man who had the most flawless makeup I have seen in awhile (I'm talking BEAT) and in fact had his makeup looking better then all of the female counter parts in the store and when he sat me down and put the skinfinish on the contours of my face I was sold instantly. 
Double Definition is a soft shimmery gold and patina bronze. It looks really  good on
Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Double Definition
darker skin and create a natural looking glow and radiance to the face. I love the fact that you are getting two products in one because he showed me that I could blend them together to achieve a beautiful look or use them separate depending on the look I wanted to achieve. Dual products really excite me because I feel you are getting double the bang for your money. 

The texture of the skin finish is smooth like a babies bottom and blend into the skin effortlessly. He applied the skin finish on my face with a small mac stippling brush and I walked out the store looking like an Egyptian goddess (in my head). 
The skin finishes have the beautiful Mac emblems and designs throughout and add an elegance to the product. 
If you are hunting down a good bronzer/highlighter this is definitely the way to go. Look out for them asap because these tend to be hot sellers as the weather gets warmer. 
The skin finish retails for $35 CAD and comes in a huge pan that will take a lifetime to finish. 

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