Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bling-Bling: Hard Candy Glow all the way- Glamazon Bronze

Alright so I’m sure you are tired of me going on and on about the spring time and summer time. I feel like if I talk about it enough or dress for it will come sooner. I always like the look I have when I am coming back from a tropical place. You know when your skin looks sun drenched and you have this beautiful radiant glow from Vitamin D. Your body has this beautiful color to it, you look awake and energized? I am a sucker for that. Summer time I want that glow minus the $800 vacation. That is where Hard Candy comes in.
Hard Candy has this amazing product called Flow all day that provides a light shimmer to the body. Hard candy bronzer can be added to your foundation or tinted moisturizer to add some bronze to your product. Use just a dab of it because it can be very glittery if too much is added. Just a small dabb of it really makes a huge difference in the appearance of your foundation. It can also double as a bronzer with a pea sized added to your cheek bones or over blush. I tend to use it on my shoulders when I wear a tank top of tube top, my chest area to highlight, and also all over my legs when I wear shorts or a skirt.  It is important to apply it after you have applied your clothing and let it dry prior to moving around (or it will get on everything)

I went on the hunt for this exact shade called Glamazon Bronze as I figured it would be the most complimentary. Hard candy has 2 other shades that will suit woman with lighter skin tones perfectly. As I read up on the product woman with lighter skin tones suggest this has self tanner within it but I have never seen any darkening of the skin on me (though I am dark already) So if you are lighter do keep that I mind in terms of your application just in case. This product is perfect to carry on vacation because it is in a tube and provides a light glimmer all over. This claims to be infused with 24-carat gold in it as well. The product has a light sweet scent to it that is not offensive and of really great value!  You can find this face and body luminizer in Wal-Mart or other drug stores and is $6.99 each!

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