Monday, April 8, 2013

Absolute Value: BH Party Girl 40 Color Eye Palette

The last few months I found myself on a eyeshadow kick and just felt the need to
experiment with neutral eyes, but still wanted to have some brighter colours for when I was in the mood to showcase my true personality. Now I'm a die hard Mac girl, and now a Urban Decay believer but I will keep it real I can't always spend $18 for one eyeshadow. A lot of drug store eyeshadows do not have the pigmentation I am looking for and do not allow for sampling in store which has always discouraged me to purchase them in the past (although I know have some favourites). 
I kept hearing buzz about BH Cosmetics and their 88 palettes and different products that they are coming out with. I debated ordering the pallet and saw a lot of information on this specific palettes and was very interested because it had a lot of neutral colours that I was in search of, as well as came with some bright and vibrant colors. I was worried about the quality of them as well because I have purchased other palettes from other brands that disappointed me. I bit the bullet and bought the palette for two reasons. The first reason was because I am trying to get into freelance makeup and need a lot of variety minus a lot of expenses, and BH cosmetics has some great sales and a great reputation (I lied three reasons). 
After Christmas I went on their website and saw the palettes where near 50% off, I purchased the infamous "Party Girl palette" and it arrived to my home within two weeks. 
This palette is a great buy because the colours are very pigmented, there is limited fallout from the eyeshadow, and there is so much variation in terms of colours that you really don't need to purchase more eyeshadow. I like to use products on myself to gauge how they will work for clients prior and I must say this is really good. I purchased it form BH Cosmetics for $15 USD. 
This palette has 40 colours that range from dark to neutral shades, to pigmented and vivid colours on one side. The eyeshadows are long lasting, and great quality for the pricing. There is a mix of matte eyeshadows,and shimmery shadows that apply beautifully to the eye and are very blend-able (the dream right?). 

The packaging is a sturdy black palette that is slim fitting and easy to commute with whether that be vacation, or your girlfriends house, or to a client. 
All in all if you are looking for a palette that is inexpensive yet still is high quality without breaking the seams of your wallet this is a great brand to try out. They have cheap shipping and ship internationally  as well. 
BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow

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