Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Flaw-Less Canvas: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation

This year I turned 29 years old (yikes!) and as I look at myself in the mirror I have started to notice  uneven skin tone, dark circles and discolouration more and more. I have never been one to use concealer and foundation prior because I was a low key type of girl that concentrated on lips (the addiction) and eyes. Lately I have been on this on going hunt for a foundation that can give me light coverage, provide a canvas that looks flawless, and doesn't appear like I am wearing a lot of makeup. You must be thinking ok what is this girl talking about? How can you wear a foundation and not look like you are wearing foundation and expect all the qualities you have listed? (crazy I know and maybe I am). It just seemed like anytime I would see reviews on cult favourites that woman rave over constantly and then buy them I would try it and look like I dumped the whole bottle on my face. My dad and boyfriend would even comment on the colours and the fact that it looked overdone. So I gave up on the search and retreated to tinted moisturizers which I love, but sometimes I want more UMPH, to look a little more put together, and get a tad more coverage.
 One day I was talking to this pretty girl that I constantly drum up conversation with when I am shopping in my local mall. I asked her what foundation she was wearing because she had the look I have been dreaming about. When she replied YSL my heart dropped. I knew that was out of my budget and probably hard to find, however for my birthday I made a list of (YOLO on a budget- you only live once) and purchased it for myself. Luckily I had a giftcard because this is very pricey, so I have been using it moderately but I really love it.
This foundation has very beautiful packaging. It comes in a gold box with the simple YSL logo, and the bottle has a pretty gold cap and is in a thick glass bottle. 
When I use this product I definitely notice a radiance to my face and a nice coverage. It has a light to medium coverage but can be layered to achieve a fuller coverage. This foundation is not going to work if you have a lot of dark spots on your face or dark discolouration on the face. It is very blend-able and is best applied with your fingers or a buffing brush, and dries to a matte finish with a slight glow. For myself personally it is long wearing when I apply a setting powder to the face and wear a good primer underneath it. 
If you have extremely oily skin it might be something to pass on all together because I do notice the tendency for it to shift around if I apply it without primer. I have combination skin so it works very well for me. One and a half pumps of the product will cover your entire face leaving me to believe it will last for a long time. I have the color B80 Beige and luckily it was a dead on match (I didn't try it on my entire face in the store). This line surprisingly has a lot of shade range and can fit woman of varying skin tones and undertones, especially woman of color. I say definitely stop into your beauty counter and pick up a sample and try it out. It is now on my holy grail list and I believe my hunt for foundation is over now (or so I hope).
One last thing I will add is that if your plan on wearing this and taking pictures due be weary because there is light reflecting pigments within the fondation that tend to provide a ashy or ghostly look on the face with flash photographed (which is not cute at all),so be aware of that if you plan on being photographed in it. 
YSL can be purchased at The Bay, Sephora (Toronto) and major department stores. It retails for $55.00 CAD.

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