Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lets Talk Blush!

I am known as a lipstick junkie and I will admit I have been giving my lipstick collection a lot of love this winter, I mean a lot of love, I found my self searching high and low for various colours. My first love and what started my love of makeup was blush! I am a secret blush freak and I don't talk about it a lot but nothing like blush to give you life in the face! Woman of colour tend to be weary of blush and either don't wear it or purchase very mute colours. The facts is we can rock blush of many colours. Now of course it is all about finding the best shades that suit each skin tone. I have expanded my collection a little and have found some colours that are making my heart flutter when I put them on. Nars spring 2013 collection is what got my mojo restarted with blush again as we head into spring. Nars revealed Seduction which is a rich sangria berry coloured blush that is insanely pigmented and absolutely beautiful on all woman, especially woman of colour  This blush adds a beautiful pop to the face and is a must for makeup enthusiasts and those who want to try something new this spring/summer. This blush can be purchased at The Bay: Nars counters and Sephora and retails for $32 Canadian. Nars blushes can be pricey but people when i'm telling you they are worth every penny I am not lying! Aa I continued my blush kick another favourite blush in the same colour family is a limited edition blush by Mac cosmetics. This blush is a part of Macs Archie's collection called Prom Princess. Prom princes is a mid toned violet that is flirty and has a slight sheen and tiny sparkles that are not offensive. This blush is pigmented and adds a little colour to the skin and will be perfect for the spring! If you are able to find this blush it is definitely a good one to add to the collection especially if you want to try something new but may be scared of deep berries, lets call this the starter blush if you are dipping your feel into colour. 

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