Saturday, March 23, 2013

Inexpensive Fantastic Hidden Treasures: Wet & Wild Lipsticks

One day I was walking through Walmart and stopped at the Wet & Wild kiosk in the beauty section. I was searching for a eyeliner and glanced down and saw some lipsticks that caught my poor dear eyes. I am a Youtube addict and remembered seeing a review on these lipsticks and grabbed one to try! These lipsticks are under $2 each and when I tell you they preform like a high end lipstick minus the high end price tag and packaging?! All I know is that my next visit I ended up leaving with about 6 shades? These are the business and I think they deserve a lot more praise and shine. The lipsticks are long lasting, pigmented, and just beautiful and are underrated. I tend to stick with my Mac lipsticks- which i will always love, but these are second to them. I picked up Sugar Plum Fairy, Dollhouse Pink, Just Peachy, Cherry Picking (my fave), and 913C. I will be picking up a few more in time for summer because they go QUICK. The secret may be out, but these are no joke legit and need to be coveted by any lipstick lover.
Have you tried these lipsticks out? Are there any shades that you think are a must try from this line that I haven't mentioned? Do you have any questions? Comment below!

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